a case of lala


Dating Monday is a web-comic I started, personifying Monday and the other days of the week. It’s a love story about the daily adventures of dating Monday--a guy everyone loves to hate but few learn to love. My spin on loving Monday more instead of hating it.

Self-love is like a bra

A short story I created while looking at bras. I mean I could continue and say how after sharing our love with everyone we begin to make pairs or just add more unique bras to our drawer becoming a better us...

Another short story comic I created about my favorite place to go to spill all my secrets.

Birth of A Star

Based off a short poem by n.t. that I really really love and I thought of an illustration to go with it.

“For a star to be born, one thing must happen. A gaseous nebula must collapse.
So collapse.
This is not your destruction.
This is your birth.”

Bad Day


Sassy Bunni and her friends. An upcoming story I’m working on.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 2.36.56 PM.png

Sticky Note Stories

From time to time I like to draw on sticky notes, telling a short story and handing them to people at work.