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Lala talks everything from her monthly favs to self-love, positivity and more. 

Read or Scream #1

I actually listen to audible books and recap them for my friends and they decide if they would read it or not. Most of them are of the romance genre. My friends have been very vocal about how they find this hobby of mine hilarious and always want more. So I said to myself, "If Oprah can have a list of favorite things, why can't I summarize books?" so here we are with "Read or Scream" we can come up with new names later.

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The Three Selves; Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Love.

Self-confidence.  Self-Esteem. Self-Love. To some if feels like it comes and goes. To others its as easy as counting to three. For everyone else it always seems as if you're missing one. They may seem different but they all have one underlining thing in common; doubt. 

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